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Jon Trevisan  ~goldboost
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January 24

If you go for a walk after midnight is it a late night walk or an early morning walk?

January 21

Thankfully my phone was playing music during our dance party and I have no photographic evidence. But still, it happened.

January 19

Someone came over to ice skate. #notmyiceskates #minewereinthecloset

January 18


January 17

I have been battling a massive hangover for days but now it's time to drink.

January 14

Someone took this picture on my phone. I don't know what's going on. We're leaving and I haven't been sober in days. #BVI

January 13

This place is seriously something else. Also, I'm very drunk right now. #BVI

January 9

Having fun on vacation so far. @iceicetess #BVI

January 6

Officially on vacation and loving it! #BVI