time to be super!
Fireworks had started and it was no Fourth of July celebration without them. Fireworks were always a huge part and Jon really didn’t care much for fireworks typically, which surprised most people. They were loud and showy, just like he was, but he never understood the appeal of them. That was why he never had any intention of being at. And then it happened. The first thing that he remembered was having a horrible headache. One of those painstaking headaches that only meant one thing and it didn’t make any sense. It had been so soon and he had memories of Michael Jon Carter, Booster Gold, racing through his head. And it happens at a party of all places, a party that he wasn’t even going to be at but his best friend needed him and he wasn’t going to let his best friend down. Even though sometimes it seemed like they went at it like cats and dogs, he was and always would be his best friend.

But it happens and those thoughts race through his head and he remembers that his best friend is still his best friend and that he’s still here. He hasn’t gone anywhere. During the week they had been around, Michael had made a promise to his best friend that he wouldn’t leave. He made himself believe that was the case but he was never quite sure if that would actually happen. There had always been that bit of worry in the back of his mind that his best friend would die all over again, that he would need to go through that grieving process all over again. He didn’t want to but he never had a choice. There was never a choice where one of them could live once he had died. That was the worst part. But maybe this was a new life.

But he had run off and now he was determined to enjoy himself through the pain of it all. That major ego, the combination between Jon and Michael was so strong even through a headache, and he would just live it up and be the life of the party. His mind had never strayed too far from where his best friend could have been, though, and he was curious if maybe he should check on him, make sure he was okay. He decided against it, though, because he didn’t need a babysitter, he needed a friend. He didn’t need someone who was going to watch over him 24/7 and make sure that he was okay and wasn’t going to die.

The headache made things more difficult and he wasn’t sure how long this was even going to last. Nothing about this made any sense to him anymore and he knew that if he tried to even think about it for a second his head would start to pound fast and hard. Thinking typically did that to him anyway, he had always been a guy who was much more about action than thinking something through. He relied on instinct and ego and it had served him fairly well up until that point.

Once he had checked in with his best friend to make sure he was okay, he left the party, and when things started to slip for him, the memories slowly fading into oblivion, he had to wonder what the hell was happening. Even though he had been through this before, it had been several months and it felt like a hard, cold slap in the face when reality hit him. Things were shifting around in his head and he decided that he needed to be a little more diligent this time around when things started to happen to him.

When he got home, he pulled out his phone and pulled up the notes section. He would mark the date, time, and what he could remember. Maybe if he kept notes he’d actually be able to get to the bottom of it and not just vaguely recall how awesome he was or that he once thought that he might have been able to fly. It was all so fuzzy and he tried to go back in his mind and fill in the blanks, which wasn’t easy. Jon barely remembered what he had for breakfast in the morning, let alone going back to the previous year and piecing things together.

Once he was done he stared at things and it still didn’t make any sense. But maybe he could fill in the blanks when it happened again. Or maybe he would note things as they were happening in real time. That was what he was really banking on. It was time to be diligent and be awesome.

And dare he say it? It was time to be super!