happy birthday!
Turning forty was supposed to be this huge thing but it felt like any other day to Jon Trevisan. He woke up that morning next to his girlfriend and got up to work out and shower and then take a million years to get ready in the morning, just has he always had. Some things would never change. Maybe there was one different thing that morning, though, because he promised his sister that he would join her for breakfast.

Julia had always been the ying to Jon’s yang, which was very much needed. She was the one who was pragmatic and was constantly thinking through any decision that needed to be made. They balanced each other out in the most wonderful of ways because Jon was a live in the moment kind of guy. Even when things haunted him, they never lasted long and he was on to the next thing. Julia kept him semi-balanced and sane and she could live vicariously through his travels, since she was never one to think of herself and go off on her own. She was a hard worker and taking time for herself felt like it was some sort of bad thing.

They met at a diner, just like they did every morning of their birthday. His sister, dressed in a business suit, blonde hair curled lightly. Even if she was a hard worker and the opposite of Jon, she still kept her appearance about her. In the world of business, she knew that she needed to play with the big boys and Jon always respected that she did it was a grace and eloquence. There was a lot of reasons that he admired his sister and that was definitely a huge part of it.

“Happy birthday!” He was yelling in the middle of the diner as he walked up to greet her and she turned around and rolled her eyes, getting up out of the booth seat to greet her brother. “Could you be any less conspicuous, you weirdo,” she said with a laugh and greeted him with a hug.

It was then that it dawned on him that he hadn’t seen his sister since everything had changed in his life. Seemingly out of nowhere, Booster Gold had been around all the time and, while it didn’t change much, it changed enough that he felt horrible that he couldn’t tell his twin sister. The shifts had been hard enough to keep from her but he was sure that she wouldn’t understand, that she’d think he had finally lost all semblance on reality, so he kept his mouth shut, even though it killed him.

She slid back into the side of her booth and Jon joined her on the other side and he smiled. “So… I forgot to get you a gift. BUT I WILL.” Julia only laughed at her brother’s admission and she waved her hand in the air. “I knew that you would so I didn’t get you anything either. We’re getting too old for gifts anyway. I know you like receiving them because you’re an egotistical bastard but you have a girlfriend who can do all of that for you.”

Jon smiled and realized he hadn’t told her the news yet. Even though they worked at the same company, in the same building, he didn’t always see her. This new development in his relationship was something he was still getting used to and he had told Thad and Adam but not his twin. Maybe there was a reason for that. For the longest time those two had been thick as thieves and he almost felt bad. Julia had been married for years, though, to a very successful lawyer and the two worked constantly he didn’t know how they had time for one another. But she seemed happy, that was all that mattered.

“We got engaged,” he blurted out, without thinking, as per usual. A sly grin came across her face and she chuckled for a second and nothing more. “I know,” she said, crossing her arms in front of her and setting her elbows on the table. “Jonathan, the one thing you should know about me is that I can practically read your mind. It’s a special power I have. I’m really a super hero.” Jon’s eyes got wide for a moment, thinking that perhaps she had shifted, maybe he could tell her everything. Before he could say anything, though, she started laughing and shook her head. “No, Adam told me by accident. It would have been nice to come from you but I, of all people, know how you are.”

Jon caught his breath for a moment and sighed and then smiled. The waitress came over the two ordered their coffee before Julia continued. “Honestly, though, I’m proud of you. It’s finally like you’re growing up and taking some responsibility. It’s a nice thing to see. And Tess is so good for you. So I’m proud.” Her smile was infectious and Jon couldn’t help but smile at her before she continued. “But that’s all you’re getting from me because I’m not feeding that ego anymore.”

“Fair enough,” was all he could say before laughing and their coffee arrived. He was proud of himself too. Maybe forty wouldn’t be so bad after all.