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full name jonathan michael trevisan comicverse booster gold birthdate ◦ age october 4, 1977 + 39 hometown boston, ma current residence boston, ma occupation ceo of trevisan international relationship status something?
biography Jonathan Trevisan was the golden boy from the day he was born. Born in 1977 to Stephen and Ellen Trevisan, Jonathan was the first born of twins by two minutes and 17 seconds. The seconds were always very important and he never let his twin sister, Julia, forget it. The two were peas in a pod, polar opposites , with Julia being the shy and quiet type and Jonathan… well… he was a handful. Not long after the birth of the twins, the Trevisans would welcome a third child, Adam, into the mix. The Trevisan name was also something to behold, Stephen was the CEO of an Aerospace Company, Trevisan International, and the Trevisan children were constantly inundated with love of space and flying. Jonathan particularly took a liking to loving space and would constantly be reading up on the planets and how the solar system worked. When he wasn’t doing that, the youngest Trevisan could be found on the streets playing football and generally being a very active little boy. He was a handful, always in need of attention and affection, and he certainly received it in droves from both of his parents.

When Jonathan and Julia were in high school, their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jonathan never really understood what it all meant or why his mother was sick. The family rallied behind Ellen to get her treated by the best doctors, with Stephen taking time off from Trevisan International to be with his wife during her treatments. Thanks to detecting the cancer at a very early stage, she was able to recover and life continued as normally as it could for the Trevisans.

When Jonathan entered high school, it was very evident that the girls took a liking to his good looks. Jonathan, of course, couldn’t let that pass him by and he started playing football in the quarterback position, a backup his freshman year, but that was certainly enough to grab the attention of a few cheerleaders. Jonathan was still focused on his schooling, though, something that his father had instilled on him, since they all knew that one day one of the Trevisan children would be the ones to take over the family business. Jonathan never felt the pressure of actually taking over the company, which was something that he had always assumed would go to Julia or Adam, being the more responsible and smarter of all of the children, but he still wanted to make his father proud. He continued to play football through his senior year; finally becoming the star quarterback, until the playoffs, when an injury to his MCL would cause his dreams of college football came crashing down. Jonathan decided that he would attend his second choice school, Boston University, where he would major in Aerospace Engineering.

Considering that he had a basic understanding of the business, college was a breeze for Jonathan, so he would often be goofing off with friends or hitting up the parties with a variety of girls. Dating was always something that Jonathan did, although he was rarely serious about any of it. He was known as the king of the campus, always hitting up the parties with the most beautiful woman at school, and he was always the life of the party. Still, Jonathan was determined to make his father proud and, even as hungover as he normally was in classes, he still applied himself enough to get by and his father took notice. Upon graduation, he was offered a position to work at the company, starting on the bottom, of course, because Stephen was determined to show his son that hard work and dedication were the skills that were needed if someone wanted to succeed. With Jonathan’s charm, he slowly started working his way up, schmoozing with every single person that he worked with along the way.

In 2010, however, tragedy would strike the Trevisan family when Stephen died of a heart attack. Jonathan was hit especially hard by this loss, considering he always thought of his father as this invincible figure that would never die. It had never even occurred to Jonathan who would take over the company, naturally he assumed Julia or Adam would, until it was revealed that Jonathan was the one that Stephen felt fit the job description best. Still grieving, Jonathan decided to take the bull by the horns and was determined that he was going to keep his father’s legacy going and he was going to make him proud while doing so. It certainly didn’t hurt that now he was a public figure and Jonathan relished in the spotlight, using that as a sort of defense mechanism for his grief.

Jonathan tried to focus on running the company that his father passed down to him. He would never tell anyone that it freaked him out that he was in charge of such a large company. However, would hide that behind a larger than life personality, one that never failed him in the past. It didn’t meant that Jonathan had completely stopped his partying ways, though, and he was often out in the wee hours of the morning, schmoozing with the ladies and taking a different girl home every (other) night. This caught the attention of both Julia and Adam, who assumed higher positions of power at the company after their father’s death. They both saw that his ways needed to be stopped and both threatened Jonathan on several occasions of going to the board to have him removed as CEO of the company if he didn’t shape up. He finally settled down with an ex-girlfriend early last year and the younger Trevisan siblings thought he finally had it together but, once again, had to threaten their brother if he didn’t stop going on vacation and not coming into the office. So yeah… maybe he’s not as perfect as he’d like to be, but he tries. Now, he is trying to carrying out the Trevisan name to the best of ability and if anyone can do that with charm and pizzazz, it’s Jonathan Trevisan.
booster gold basic information
Michael Jon Carter, alias Booster Gold was born on December 29th, in the year 2442. Using the technology he stole from the 25th Century, Michael became a superhero saving the life of the President of the United States on his first adventure. This act rewarded him with instant fame, which he cashed in on, becoming quite wealthy. Unfortunately, Booster's manager stole a large amount of his money, leaving him with only a little.

Michael Jon Carter and his sister Michelle Carter were born as twins to a loving mother and an irresponsible father in Gotham City in the 25th Century. On their 4th birthday, their father left the household to pursue his true love, gambling, leaving a huge gambling debt behind for the struggling family. Michael became a football player in college with the nickname "Booster", hoping that he would make it into the big leagues, when his mother was suffering from a debilitating disease that required a treatment that his family could not afford. Turning to the same vice as his father, Michael made bets and purposely threw games in order to earn enough money for the treatment. After his mother was cured, Michael was arrested and put in jail for gambling, instantly breaking his mother's heart.

After he was set free from jail, Michael managed to get a job as a security officer for the Metropolis Space Museum, where he saw images of superheroes from the 20th Century that were legends in his time. Deciding to change his life and become a superhero himself, Michael stole some artifacts from the museum as well as the security robot Skeets and used Rip Hunter's time machine to travel back to the late 20th Century. It was there that he made his public debut, saving the life of the President of the United States from the Chiller as the new superhero Goldstar. Nervous, Michael misspoke on live television and got stuck with the name Booster Gold instead.Read More
personality Jon is a lovable narcissist who values himself first about all else. He has a habit of spending way too much time looking at himself in the mirror and values what others think about him above all. That being said, he's very loyal and will fight to the death for his friends.